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The Rapture “Sail Away” (DFA)


Pioneers of the “dance rock” movement of the early “oughties,” The Rapture somehow manage to remain relevant both as a live act and as producers of timeless dancefloor burners. This remains true with the latest single, “Sail Away.” The opening song on their latest album, released in September, January 16th celebrates a three-track remix EP of the euphoric anthem with versions from Aeroplane, Cosmic Kids and Cut Copy.

Italia-Belgian Aeroplane's passionate take on the track is lush with droning synth lines brightened with jangly percussion. Los Angeles-based Cosmic Kids bring a sparse, dubby disco groove bringing to mind Giorgio Moroder shipwrecked in the Bahamas. The longest cut of the EP is Australia's Cut Copy, coming in at just over eight minutes. '…And don't ever look back' is looped as a rallying cry over a joyful sonic journey of layered arpeggios and galloping congas.

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Though 2012 is still in the dark dregs of winter, this single—and most especially these accompanying remixes—sends hopeful visions of the bright promise of spring. Expect to hear this in abundance come Coachella.

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