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Todd Terje “It’s the Arps” (Olsen)

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Todd Terje’s name has become synonymous with the disco/re-edit scene around the world. With a catalogue that features countless re-edits combined with high-end remixes and original productions, it’s only right that he starts his own record label, Olsen (coined after his surname). The first release is a four-song EP produced deservedly so by none other than the magic maker himself.

“It’s the Arps” EP is nothing short of what you’d expect from the ‘Nor-Wave’ disco-smith . . . it’s damn good. The A-Side’s “Inspector Norse” is an upbeat, feel good, pep in your step, say hi to the neighbors as you walk down the street type track. Save this one for a sunny day after some rain. “Myggsommer” has a darker, more soundtrack type vibe than its counterpart, but still maintains cartoonish playfulness. The flip side features “Swing Star” Parts 1 and 2, both of which go back to Terje’s signature Balearic production style. One thing that’s noteworthy is that this was produced completely on the Arp 2600 synthesizer, demonstrating that with the right talent at the helm, it can be a pretty diverse machine. Todd Terje is the right talent.

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The EP is a good indicator of what’s to come from Olsen . . . creative future sounds combined with a rich production tradition that only can come from Todd Terje. Slap on a picture sleeve with artwork from Bendik Kaltenborn and you have perfect 12” to launch a label.

The EP is released today… go get it!

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