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Welcome To South Beach, Miami—As Seen Through A Jazzy Eyewear Lens

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Miami is an interesting place. I’m not just talking about South Beach. If you’ve never been to South Beach it’s definitely a place you should spend a few minutes of your time, but it’s not what Miami is all about. It's more like Las Vegas by the sea. It can be a mini paradise, just like Miami itself, but you’ve gotta know what you’re doing. Fabian Giannattasio (aka Jazzy Eyewear) is no stranger to all the things Miami can offer an individual. The Argentina born producer, DJ and poppa moved there in 1995 from Chicago after signing a record deal with PolyGram. He’s still there seventeen years later, enjoying life in the historic neighborhood of “Buena Vista” in the Design District. His house is one of the oldest in the neighborhood, built in 1926. His living room has been turned into a big recording studio filled with his favorite vintage synths and guitars.

In addition to the DJ slash producer role, Jazzy Eyewear serves as label manager for the Miami based house imprint So Sound Recordings and manages three different sub-labels: Uma Recordings, Umalu Recordings (names inspired from his daughter, Uma & Luca) and Rock Jams Music. In addition to running four labels, producing his own music (think a fusion of funk, soul, catchy jazzy samples with a bit of tech and pure house grooves), performing sets, managing artists, he’s currently producing two albums for two Miami natives who are under the age of 15. Vanessa Jetter (12) and Cierra (13). “So far the collaboration with both of them has been one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had,” he says about the past two months spent working/producing the youngsters. “It's really mind blowing to see their maturity and explosive talent.” To hear a sample of what he’s been up to, have a listen via the So Sound SoundCloud page.

So Miami… people go loco for it and if you’re going to get the most out of it, it’s all about perspective. Here’s a good one, Jazzy Eyewear’s insider point of view. He was an open book in describing the beautiful and ugly, so without further ado here’s Jazzy Eyewear’s personal vector on the world map, Miami.

Miami In General...


Is a city where you can party and go crazy as well as enjoy the weather, good health, outdoor activities, the beach, nature—its a fun city whatever you want to do. When I wake up I go religiously to a little mini market, called Teresita (4680 NE 2nd Ave, Miami 33137) 2 blocks from my house, and there I get a Cortadito, which is a small Cuban style coffee with sugar and milk and a homemade cheese pastry. These guys are from Bangladesh but they make the best Cuban coffee in Miami—thats an amazing starting to the day. Some of my favorite things to do besides making music all day, all night, is riding my bicycle from where I live to South Beach, about 8 miles each way. After I get there I love catching up on yoga classes, I usually go to the David Barton Gym in South Beach or this other amazing place called The Standard, which is a city hotel/spa that feels like you’re on a tropical island, a holistic paradise.

Favorite hangout:

Bardot: 3456 N Miami Ave Miami, FL 33127


I love to go to this spot. On a weekday, its like a chilled loft with couches, a piano, a pool table and live bands. The inside is very hip, a mock cabaret from the days of speakeasies, updated for modern sensibilities, but retaining a sense of authenticity that is so important to have in order to be cool.

Secret spot:

I have a tree house on the roof of my house, nice place to calm down.

Winning Restaurants:


Mandolin Aegean Bistro: 4312 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33137

The teeny Mandolin Aegean Bistro is housed in a former 1940’s home adorably adorned in blue and white; quaintness fills the air as tangibly as extra-virgin Greek olive oil fills vials on each table. There are just 17 seats indoors, but the outdoor garden patio in back seats twice that number. Homemade Pide bread precedes the fare, described as ‘simple, rustic, and authentic to the villages of Greece and Turkey.’

Buena Vista Bistro: 4582 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33137


Miami is a trend-driven city, especially when it comes to food/restaurants. This usually means that food is overrated, prices are sky-high and service is poor. Finding a place that has amazing food, affordable prices and good service and has an intimate, casual vibe is a rarity! The BVB is that place, this is like my second home.

Gigi: 3470 N Miami Ave Miami, FL 33127


When I hear ‘Gigi’ one thing comes to mind—FAN-FUCKIN-TASTIC. Their interior decor and menus actually remind me of a trendy LA joint. If you are looking for the ultimate Asian fusion cuisine, this is the place! Open until 5 am! I love the Florida Fish, the Duck Bun, Pork Bun, Duck Salad, Chilled, Soba, and apple crumble a la mode, Steak & Eggs, all-star dishes. The service is excellent, and they have a parking lot in back (for all of you parking whiners). Awesome spot.

Planet Sushi: 860 Washington Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139


Yummy!! Unique rolls fun for experimenting, the sushi is fresh and very tasty! The music has a perfect balance of hipster and cool aka non-pretentious fun. I remember Bloc Party, Vampire Weekend, Tennis, a symphonic version of The Postal Service’s ‘Such Great Heights’ and a remix of Sia’s ‘Breathe Me,’ etc. They have a few televisions that broadcast your sushi being made live. I think every place that serves food should do this. Its fascinating. It also gives the customer a sense of sanitary relief because the person preparing the food knows that they are being watched. Planet Sushi = the food, music and an innovative dining experience.

I love…


Going to the beach. Generally in South Beach, hanging out at South Pointe park and watching the sunset. As well as the big cruises leaving through the canal.


Hanging out at the infinite pool of Icon in Brickell, where my friend lives.

Art Basel, the most important art show in the United States, a cultural and social highlight for the Americas.

WMC in March.

Going to the Keys, snorkeling, eating good seafood, etc.

I loathe…


It’s way too small, it’s more like a little village. You got South Beach, Midtown, Brickell and thats it.

The fake club scene.

Not enough history, culture and roots.

No real friendship.

Radio stations.

Most absurd event I’ve witnessed:

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About a year ago, I was DJing at this private club called Casa Tua (a private club for members and celebrities) for the Miami Art Basel. I was spinning upstairs at the Lounge, which is like a small living room from a Tuscan style house. That night there were a lot of celebrities including Lenny Kravitz, Naomi Campbell and others I dont remember. I had a friend of mine next to me, when this platinum blond chick walks in and starts talking to my friend. She was like a Pamela Anderson look alike. Soon after my friend introduced us, when I leaned over to say hello, she French kissed me. Seconds after the sweet taste, I ask my friend to take over the mix and I went to her and we started making out pretty hard. After a couple of minutes these big guys grabbed her and took her away back to her table, when I looked around everyone was looking and smiling at me giving me the thumbs up, right after that my friend gave me the news I was just making out with the real Pamela Anderson—not that I really care, but lets face it, she is pretty iconic!


A few weeks ago I was DJing at Sushi Samba (one of the best place to people watch) on Lincoln Road at a party called Cosplay and this really attractive girl was standing up and having a drink while talking to this guy; she was wearing a pretty open top. At some point she just decided to take out her breast and expose it to the public. She kept having drinks the rest of the night for a couple more hours while giving this nice little show to everyone around.

Favorite place to kill time without blowing the bank:

Walking on Lincoln Road

Playing tennis at Flamingo Park

Eating Mexican food at Alma Mexicana on Washington Ave.

Irish Pub on Espanola Way

Bowling at Lucky Strike

Best bookstore:

Books & Books: 927 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL 33139


Not only a great bookstore, it also has good food and it’s next to the awesome hip store BASE.

Best boutique:

Fly Boutique: 650 Lincoln Road Miami Beach, FL 33139


Fly Boutique in South Beach just moved to their new location on Euclid Ave off Lincoln Road. Super amazing chic vintage couture clothing and accessories.

Contesta Rock Hair Salon:417 Espanola Way Miami Beach, FL 33139


I also like Contesta, hair salon.

Best coffee shop:

Buena Vista Deli: 4590 NE 2nd Ave Miami, FL 33137

The most amazing French bakery, casual seating inside and some tables outside, it feels cozy and laid-back, much like the kinds of cafes you would find in France.

Favorite place to take a date out:

Casa Tua: 1700 James Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139


Romantic, private, serene, exclusive—the best Italian food ever in Miami.

Place visiting friends most want to see:


South Beach, Lincoln Road, The beach, Versace Mansion, etc.

The best place to see the sunrise/sunset:


South Pointe Park (above image at sunrise), Mondrian Hotel, Mandarin Oriental

Best hotels:

"DelanoThe StandardThe LoewsMandarin Oriental."

Hometown hero:


Francisco Anthony Del is Fra Nefarious, one of the most prolific, an incredibly multitalented artist, singer, songwriter. He has collaborated with my Jazzy Eyewear tracks since my first EPs, allowing me to use his funky sexy vocals with Romanthony, Prince, Bee Gees, etc, for flavors on tracks like ‘Let me in,’ ‘Gotta be Real,’ etc. Now he just released his debut album Crazy Weather, which is one of the best albums Ive ever heard. I feel lucky we know each other and have a close friendship and mutual respect.

I also like Natasha Tsakos, she has been described like this:Playwright and performer Natasha Tsakos works in a brave new form of theater, where sound, computer-generated images and the performer move in sync to create a dreamlike yet sharply real stage environment. Within this space of total possibility, Tsakos muses on the deepest questions of the human soul.

Best club nights:


Best live music:

"Grand Central"

Favorite local band/DJ/artist:

"Raffa & RainerFra NefariousSpam All StarsJazzy EyewearLisa Shaw."

One place you’d never catch me at:


Posture of police:


You’re better off staying far away from the police, they are rude, ignorant, resented and will never serve or protect you.

Worst memory attributable to the city:

A drunk, joyriding Miami Beach cop on an ATV runs over beachgoers.

Two weeks ago the grandma of a little child I know was run over by a car while waiting on the bus stop and killed. The police didnt test the driver for drugs or alcohol and let him go free on the spot. Police = Useless

Attitude of populace:

There is no sense of unity here in Miami, this is a place where youll find people from all kinds of countries, especially Latin countries. This is not like the rest of America; it is like the ‘second world,’ a place between the first and third world. The customer service is not the best and everyone looks out for their own. Lots of fake people and acting for what can they get in exchange of something.

The city is most alive on:

"Super Bowl, WMC, Memorial Day weekend, Art Basel and boat shows."

The city is dead on:

“In summer time.”

Best way to get around town:



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