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Write This Down—New Made Of Wood Comes Out February 1!


That's right, Dan Waldman has opened up his bag of tricks and inside are new Made of Wood tracks. The collection is called "The Chill Funk Trip." And you know what? That about describes it.

If you dig the whole Roy Ayers background cop chase ‘70s polyester sound, you must drop the needle on “Fire Up The Sidewalk.” I may have been imagining things, but I'm pretty sure Ponch and John suddenly appeared in the room briefly while I was listening to this song, or at least they should have. “The Chill Funk Trip” is a ride worth taking; it is totally the right speed. The only thing that would make the listening experience better would be to get a copy of this on 8-track and pop it into the sound system of a 1977 Ford Ltd.

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