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Another Big “Bucket Of Love” From Discotexas


Portugal’s Discotexas label has been on a roll over the last few years with so many consistent releases. They’re getting praise and props from a whole bunch of folks for their sunny west-end European sound.

If you’re not familiar, here you go… they just announced their new Bucket of Love compilation. On it, the Discotexas crew gathered up all their favorite hits from the last 12 months, added some songs they felt should have gotten more attention and threw in some new unreleased tunes too.

Just cuz, here are a few songs/videos we’re fond of over here at Magnetic.

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With constant positive feedback and rotation from some of the world’s finest like Aeroplane, Rory Phillips, Still Going, The Magician, Treasure Fingers, Jaymo & Andy George, DJ T, and more, Discotexas releases have proven to be a timeless staple in DJ sets and record collections. Bucket of Love Vol. 2 drops on the 24th of this month and will be available through most digital outlets.

01. Astrolabe “Cave Disco” (Discotexas Edit)
02. Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver “Diamonda” (Xinobi Remix)
03. Justin Faust “Girl Talk” (Gloves Remix)
04. Moullinex & Xinobi “X Marks The Spot” (Glimmers Disko Version)
05. Mirror People “Feel The Need” (feat. Rowetta) (Original Mix)
06. Kamp! “Cairo” (Moullinex Remix)
07. Zimmer “Looking At You” (Original Version)
08. Appaloosa “Patchwork” (Kamp! Remix)
09. Douze “Eternity's Call Back” (Original)
10. Publicist “Bite” (Justin Faust Edit)
11. Philosophy of Sound “It Is Like That” (Ilya Santana 'Bizarro Disco' Remix)
12. Lazydisco “More Tigers” (Mirror People Remix)
13. Justin Faust “Girl Talk” (Original Mix)
14. Douze “Forsaken” (Publicist Remix)
15. Appaloosa “Jumping On Beds” (Mirror People Dub Mix)
16. Terminal Twilight “Black and Blue” (Original Mix)
17. Lazydisco “More Tigers” (MODE Remix)
18. Mirror People “Feel The Need” (feat. Rowetta) (Severino Remix)
19. Zimmer “Bay Bridge” (Original Mix)
20. Kamp! “Cairo” (Philosophy of Sound Dub Remix)

Jay Lamar & Jesse Oliver "Diamonda" (Discotexas, 2012)

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