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Attack On Your Knickers—Krewella Is “Killin’ It”

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Krewella is making a lot of lists this year. For starters, they hit the front page of Hype Machine’s “Most Popular Songs on Blogs” with their recently released single a few weeks ago. They are also allegedly on the United States terrorist watch list. This would make a lot of sense, considering their new single is appropriately titled: “Killin’ It.” On it, sisters Jahan and Yasmine along with producer Rain Man, sing of bringing the rapture with their fiercely thumping, chopped-up sample-thrashing beats. America, and perhaps even the world-at-large, has a lot to fear from this Chicago-based threesome, with sultry vocals resounding of many beer-spilled nights and screaming orgasms. Krewella posses a musical sensibility that synthesizes Skrillex-style edits and fist-pumping electro house that’s quickly earning them praise from DJs and fans alike… Their status on both aforementioned lists is rightly earned. The triumvirate have a debut EP scheduled for release this spring and an extensive west coast tour planned. But first, Krewella intends on focusing their next attack on your knickers, promising to make you bounce across the dancefloor one juicy tune at a time. You have been warned.


Home Town: Chicago
Currently Living: The meatpacking district in Chicago, IL. We open our door every morning to meat men bleaching the streets filled with guts. If you've read The Jungle by Upton Sinclair you'll know what we’re talking about. Our neighborhood looks like a scene from a post apocalyptic movie.
Origin Of Name: Nothing special. Krewella is our crew, we like how it sounds.
Weapon of Choice: Yasmine and Jahan are probably on the United States' terrorist watch list…probably shouldn't be talking about weapons here—hahahaahaha.
Est. Miles Traveled per year: In 2011 we hibernated in the studio 24/7. Besides stepping out the door for “refreshments,” our only other trip was to Mai, Nashville, TN opening for R3Hab. We’re starting off 2012 going hard with a tour through Colorado and California.
Gigs Played / Nights Out per year: Starting in February, expect us to be playing at least every weekend.
Source of Power: Passion. Metal. Sex. Love. Hunger. Clubs. OCD.
Blurb Yourself: Whiskey lovers and cat enthusiasts.

Can you walk us through your various musical phases? From early interest to actual creative output, how did they tie into your waking life?
The three of us have been through a plethora of musical phases in our lives—old school rock, punk rock, alternative-rock, indie-dance, death metal, pop, electro and dub step…to name a few. I think we have subconsciously created this embodiment of work that encompasses our individual musical roots and experiences—that's what makes the fundamental DNA of Krewella. Being post-modern artists has greatly influenced our taste in visual artwork. Having artwork that coincides with our sound is integral to our brand and we always handpick designers to create the right imagery. We like weird, schizophrenic and trippy art. As far as fashion goes, we don't really have the means to care about what we wear. We love fashion, but not being able to afford the hottest looks every season works to our advantage. Instead we put our efforts into the music we create rather than maintaining an image. For now we are cutting up old shirts and rockin' a vintage look.

What life activities are made better when listening to music? Talk about the last time you enjoyed one and the other. What were you doing, what were you listening to?
Getting down.

If you visualize music as your listen, what (generally) do you imagine?
Sex and videogames.

If you could send advice via a fortune cookie to up-and-comers, it would read:
Stay humble, bitch—the wise words of The Rain Man.

What is a song that inspired you to create?
All music by The Faint.

Tell me about your most memorable night out.
Most of our most memorable nights are hard to remember…

Tell us about a specific event or period in your life that is linked in your mind to a song/album.
Driving down Lake Shore Drive in August listening to the final mix of our song “One Minute.” Windows rolled down, sunny day, we had massive hangovers, but it was beautiful moment. It felt like a scene from a movie.

Is there a band whose album covers you love? Or a designer of covers?
M Machine, Pretty Lights, Nero—the art reflects the epic-ness of their live shows.

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How does listening to music figure into your creative process?
When we listen to what we love, we try to understand exactly what makes it so good. Tapping into that helps us set a standard for the music we create.

What value do you place on environment as a creative springboard?
Must have a studio wherever we live. Investing in our Sony C800 mic and building our own studio in our loft was probably the best decision we ever made. Nothing is better for the creative process than being able to hop in the booth and record whenever we want.

Do you remember the first time you had a live audience’s complete attention?
Back in November 2011 we had our first big show opening for Porter Robinson at Logan Square auditorium—at the time we weren't as well known locally so we didn't think anyone would know Krewella. We were completely blown away when we dropped our song “Strobelights” and people started singing along.

What has changed in the realm of headphones since your first pair?
SOL REPUBLIC’S in ear headphones (AMPS) don't slip out when we’re sweating.


Soundtrack of Life:
We are all speed demons. Adrenaline rush. Crush mode. Breaking shit. Headbanging. Speaker sex. It's like being in a real life video game when you're speeding on the highway listening to rage music. We love driving alone while being totally immersed in music—it puts us in a meditative state where you can completely disregard real life. In the car these songs are a must…

The Faint “Glass Danse”
The Faint was the artist that introduced us to the realm of dance music. Their vocals are sexy as fuck.

Weezer “Hash Pipe”
This song is extremely well written and the breakdown is sick.

deadmau5 “Ghosts n Stuff”
Claaaaaassic EDM song right here.

Killswitch Engage “Life to Lifeless”
Kris rear-ended someone listening to Killswitch Engage. That explains it all.

Led Zeppelin “No Quarter”
Park up at the beach on a stormy day and listen to this song.

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