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Chillin With Con Bro Chill

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Sometimes when music gets too serious and bogged down with self-importance (talking to YOU Grammy's), you just need a bunch of guys dressed in highlighter-colored vinyl jackets dancing around in a party bus like joyous idiots. Enter Con Bro Chill.

The song "Power Happy" (below) is the single off their first full-length album entitled 3D Music, which just became available through iTunes and Amazon on January 31st. It's pretty goddamn catchy, I gotta say. It's got the electro/dance/rock fusion thing going but manages to stay away from the obnoxious realm those type of outfits can enter in about 30-seconds flat (if they suck, that is). That guitar riff in particular is used for maximum effect. It's simple but not simplistic.

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And then there's the whole "not taking themselves seriously" thing. It has become such a desirable trait among bands of this ilk that it's readily apparent when it's being faked at the behest of some A&R douchebag.

Not so here. I'm gonna chalk it up to the fact that this began as a backyard project spawned out of the lead singer Connor Martin's burgeoning lacrosse career (of all things). The name started as his alter-ego. The early version of the band started at Chapman University as two other members (Ty Andre and Steve Felts) jumped on board. According to the band's bio, they pretty much made videos and music just for the hell of it and it took off from there. Letting the music organically catch-on without desperation or compromising the original spirit of its inception...what a concept.

Somehow Martin is still maintaining a pro lacrosse career all while cranking out infectious tunes with his cohorts. We dig it. We think you will, too.

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