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Controversy Presents Vindata



Once again in the intimate and sleek Room86 in Hollywood, Controversy brings you another party featuring the finest in LA’s up and coming electronic talent. This time around they’re pleased to announce a special DJ set from Vindata, a local duo producing retro synth-driven dance music with a futuristic touch. Although they’ve only been doing Vindata for a couple of years, Jared and Branden are not strangers to making music or the industry itself. While they’re on the rise and making moves, I figure now is a perfect time for you all to get familiar with Vindata. While busy in the studio and preparing for tomorrow night, the guys made some time to answer a few questions.

Introduce yourselves and explain what you do in Vindata.

We are Jared Poythress and Branden Ratcliff. We’ve been producing electronic music under the moniker Vindata for the last two years.

How did you guys originally meet and decide to work together?

We met through our mutual friend Nick Dew from Religion. While pushing the Religion Project we wanted to delve into a more melodic, retro style of electronic music.

What are both your backgrounds musically? Self taught musicians or trained?

Jared: I'm self-taught. I've been producing Top 40 and EDM for about 3-4 years

Branden: I’m self-taught as well. This is my first serious project, but I’ve been involved in production since high school.

I’ve been told Vindata is a passion project for you guys. What else are you involved in musically?

We have more of an emotional attachment to the Vindata project than others, maybe because it represents freedom and expression. However Jared also produces for electro-house group Religion, and Top 40 acts such as Joel and Benji Madden of Good Charlotte. Branden is involved in an up and coming side project titled “Ape Theory,” too.

When starting Vindata on the side of your other music projects, did you have a specific goal or sound in mind that you wanted to capture? What would you say Vindata is all about?

When we first started Vindata, we wanted to capture an old school '70s-'80s retro sound and mesh it with today’s technology. It’s pretty much been an all-inclusive, limitless, timeless project since day one.

Has the Vindata sound been something you guys have always been into, or did it grow on you two over time?

We had an idea of what we wanted it to sound like; we just had to get the production up to that standard. After experimenting with a couple of production techniques, we finally honed in on our unique sound.

What sort of artists from the past and present would you give credit to for inspiration (for Vindata and your other projects)? Feel free to list some names.

Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, Kanye West, And The Neptunes.

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What are you guys currently running in the studio to make Vindata tunes? Are you guys going the live route yet or just djing?

We currently use Pro Tools and Ableton Live for production. We also like to switch between analog synths and VSTs. Lately; we’ve been pretty impressed with the sound quality that software is providing these days.

How did the Toro Y Moi remix come about? Any reasons behind choosing “Still Sound” besides simply liking it?

Honestly, we were already fans of Toro Y Moi. There’s a bunch of songs of his we would’ve remixed, however it wasn’t until after Carpark Records released the acapella as a remix contest, we got our shot. We actually had no idea that there was a remix contest until six months after the deadline.

If you guys could pick only 5 records each to listen to on repeat forever, which would they be?

Kanye WestThe College Dropout
NERDIn Search Of
Daft PunkDiscovery
Luther VandrossThe Best of Love
PhoenixWolfgang Amadeus

Your dream setting for a gig would be________?

A small, intimate venue with nothing but out biggest fans; the fans that supported us since day one… the ones that know all of our remixes and originals, dancing to our live eclectic set.

What are you guys currently up to performance and production wise, and what’s on the agenda for the coming months? Any releases we can look forward to?

Currently we’re working on our next EP. We’re putting the final touches on the unreleased tracks “Not So Easy” and “Lucid.” We’re also accepting remixes as they come.

Before we wrap this up is there anyone you’d like to shout out or give thanks to? Any final details left to share?

We really want to give thanks to our number one fan George Poythress. He’s supported us the most and given us the all the encouragement we could possibly need.

Vindata will be performing alongside The KiD and the Brownies & Lemonade crew tomorrow night at CONTROVERSY! You can RSVP here for entry. Don’t miss out on your chance to hear Vindata’s latest work, alongside some other great underground talent.

 Vindata on Twitter


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