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deadmau5—A Laser Sharp Ray Of Piercing Light


It’s Grammy week in Los Angeles… at long last electronic dance music can take a bow towards an established institution not known for breaking rules or pushing boundaries—unlike the creed of all electronic music artists.

It was just announced that Canada’s deadmau5 will be the first electronic act to perform during the televised Grammy’s this Sunday, February 12, 2012. Joel Zimmerman (deadmau5) will appear alongside Foo Fighters, Chris Brown, David Guetta and Lil Wayne at the awards show. Also breaking new ground is deadmau5’s label mate, Skrillex, who is nominated for a record five awards, including Best New Artist, while Zimmerman is nominated for three (including Best Remixed Recording for his Foo Fighter’s “Rope” interpretation).  Hands down, this is the best billing in history for electro-heads.

It’s no doubt that 2011 saw these two North American artists leave more of an indelible mark on mainstream music culture than any other EDM talent in history. If you missed deadmau5 perform any of his 2011 record breaking—by continually selling out consecutive nights in major metro areas—state-of-the-art “Meowingtons Hax North American Tour” dates, fear not. There’s a DVD that will fulfill all your fantasies about the larger than life mau5 and the mystique of his live electronic wonderland extravaganzas.

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The last date on any massive tour has the potential to either self-combust or make history as the best ever with so many practice performances leading up to it. For deadmau5, it is pure perfection on the last tour date in Toronto, Canada in November 2011 that led to this mind blowing DVD, Meowingtons Hax 2K11 Toronto (Ultra Music).

It’s filmed in a stadium only bands like Coldplay, U2 and The Rolling Stones have played before. In fact, deadmau5 is the first ever Canadian to headline a show at Rogers Centre—not to mention “electronic” artist. Every inch of the spectacle is captured on the DVD from audience members off their heads on who knows what (okay, we know what). This includes laser sharp rays of piercing light, mau5 ears bobbing throughout the 14,000+ audience, filtered vocals (including “Tiny Dancer” on “Some Chords”) and gallant beats from 26 hits and some previously unreleased tracks featured in the live show.

Female performer, SOFI (SomeOtherFemaleinterest), is at her finest a la corset, fishnets and beautiful smile as she plays cat and mouse with Zimmerman on a (what do you expect?) catwalk, jetting out into the crowd. SOFI demonstrates to the younger audience what sexy is when performing the tracks “Sofi Needs a Ladder” and “One Trick Pony,” while deadmau5 proves what perfection is in the music, his signature Rubik’s Cube staging and unprecedented light show.

You know how your parents reminisce about “the first Lollapalooza?” If you want to know how your music will be remembered, it’s all right here, right now on the new deadmau5 DVD. Pick it up here.

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