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Die Antwoord x Roger Ballen—Surreal, Intriguing, Powerful and Disturbing

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I feel like I should be talking about Die Antwoord here. I mean “I Fink U Freeky” is catchy as hell and all, but the real reason why this video is such a killer? Roger Ballen. Without question Ballen is one of my favorite photographers and he also happens to be the director of this here video. I can’t remember the last time a photographer has so thoroughly sucked me into their work. His images serve as jumping off point for your imagination to run wild—they’re sinister, slightly humorous and 100% captivating. He has a knack for wrapping things up in a twisted black and white dream-like reality caught some place between documentary style photography and highfalutin art.

If you’re into the aesthetic of this video, I highly recommend you picking up Ballen’s book Boarding House. It came out a few years ago via Phaidon Press and is a follow-up to his acclaimed Outland and Shadow Chamber series. In a lot of ways the backdrop for this video is an extension of his work highlighted in the book.

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Die Antwoord is hunkered down and isolated in some transient-like residence living an elementary existence in a basic shelter for immediate survival. Primitive drawings on the walls, the space is littered with animals and strewn about with leftovers reminiscent of chaotic like scenarios of days gone by.

Oh yea, BTW, Die Antwoord’s album Ten$Ion is out now via ZEF Records and you can pick it up here.

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