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Essential Music For A Post Valentine's Day Rough Patch

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I’m a sucker for tracks that are subtle, soothing and filled with dynamics voices that send strong reactions throughout the body. When a rough patch arises these are the few tracks I turn to for comfort.

Lana Del Rey “Radio”

What can I say? She’s effortlessly genius with a mesmerizing voice. Although I’m a sucker for “Dark Paradise” and “Carmen,” this track stays on repeat throughout the night. The media gives her a ton of shit, people are quick to criticize Del Rey but it’s hard to ignore talent when it’s staring you in the face.

Anthony Green “Get Yours While You Can”

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Anthony Green of Circa Survive never fails in captivating individuals with his unique voice that will leave the hairs on your head trembling. If you’re a stranger to the beautiful melodies of Anthony Green, it explains the void in your musical life.

City and Colour “Fragile Bird”

There’s a strong linger of soul in the voice of Dallas Green in every song, his voice is soothing and his lyrics sets the trigger off in your brain to think. “Fragile Bird” resembles the sound of the Black Keys, but the chorus in this track is beautiful.

Lykke Li “Love Out of Lust”

Following a horrid break-up with a man she loved, Lykke Li created an album solely for the broken hearted. This track is quite depressing but the lyrics, the melody, the voice, is difficult to turn away from. “Rather die in your arms than die lonesome, rather die half than die hollow, the higher I climb, the deeper I fall down.” Despite what you believe or know, love through lust isn’t impossible.

Of Monsters & Men “Little Talks”

Randomly stumbled across this splendid track by the Iceland natives. The sounds of the trumpet, tambourine, saxophone and the bass instantly caught my attention—the beautiful unison of the voices going back and forth just resonated. This track is a divine treat and I encourage all to purchase their “Into The Woods” EP.

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