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Exclusive Video Premiere: Huoratron “Cryptocracy”—You Need It


Warning, this video has been identified to potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy.

 So the video begins. You know what else should come with a warning? Huoratron’s upcoming album, Cryptocracy. It’s not something you should listen to it while sitting down or driving a car that is capable of exceeding 110 miles per hour. I cannot recall any album recently that begins with an onslaught of infectious electro beats and intergalactic bass as much as Cryptocracy. I’ve listened to it twice over and each time I take off my headphones and exuded a “Holy shit! I needed that.” It’s pure techno-tronic enlightenment for your musical senses. The beats themselves are incredibly encapsulating and the ambient noise mixed with true hardcore techno is sure to please the palate of any weathered listener. Look for Cryptocracy on April 24th via Last Gang Records.

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If you get the chance to see him live, do it. We caught his set at the Skrillex take over here in Los Angeles and there’s no two ways about it, guy stole the show. Huoratron comes from the mind of Finish producer Aku Raski. Stay tuned for more on the man as we’re currently in the process of working out an interview.

And now for the seizure inducing video... enjoy.

Huoratron - "Cryptocracy" (Official Music Video)by LastGangRecords

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