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Futuristic And Dancefloor Worthy: Keenhouse “Better Days” EP


Known as one of the men behind Binary Entertainment’s trademark “dreamwave” sound, LA’s Keenhouse returns with a new EP. “Better Days” is a little appetizer before Keenhouse drops his full-length double album, Four Dreams later this spring. I remember when I first heard Keenhouse a handful of years ago with his chilled-out debut, “Civic Transit.” What I always admired about his sound was how he blended his extensive piano training with nostalgia-driven neon synth tones. It’s always futuristic and dancefloor worthy, yet at the same time it’s like watching one of your favorite ‘80s movies.

“Better Days” is a nice reassurance from Keenhouse that he’s still on top of his game. While both tracks, “Better Days 1” and Better Days 2” are obviously a little different from his previous work, they are a result of progression and increased technicality. The first track is a snappy sun-splashed disco number, while the second leans toward Chicago house territory. If the clarity and bounce contained in this EP is any sign of things to come, then I’ll be looking forward to his double album due out later in the spring. Both releases are going to be out on Sunlinxx Recordings.

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1. “Better Days (1)”
2. “Skyscrapers”
3. “Better Days (2)”
4. “Release Me”

Release Date: March 5th on Beatport and March 12th worldwide.

Civic Transit

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