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Giom Is A Quadruple Threat


Back when I was an adolescent puppy in SoCal, I was quite the fan of the Los Angeles Lakers. Their fearless leader, Earvin "Magic" Johnson was the king of the triple double. Not only could he kill you by taking the ball to the hole, but his unselfish style meant many, many assists not to mention getting tons of boards. (Check me this rate if I learn to fix an engine or join an arm-wrestling team I might wind up having less female friends and you know, be a rockstar.)

Oh, hey...speaking of triple threats...

Giom—from across the pond—is a producer, remixer and DJ with high quality output. Personally, I was drawn to his sound because in addition to his being a deep house wizard he is also a drummer. The thought of someone who could rock sick beats on raw skins, electronic gear and on wax was an easy sell. I guess that being a drummer would make Giom a quadruple threat then, wouldn't it?

It's almost magic.

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