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Happy Valentines Day from Kompakt—Free Track Stream From Sascha Funke's New Project, Saschienne

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The one thing that would truly make this a, “perfect” valentines’ gift would be if Kompakt offered it up as a free download. As it stands right now, it’s a great treat. We like treats. Saschienne is husband and wife team of Sascha Funke (one of Germanyʻs greatest techno auteurs) and the multi-talented instrumentalist slash singer Julienne Dessange. Their new album Unknown is due to drop on March 26 via Kompakt.

Somehow a love story always makes its way through the unknown. Two people who learn to know each other, being aware of what they give up and yet ignoring what the future holds, throwing themselves into an endless sea of question marks, stepping on stones of discord only to find their cloud of harmony. As the first notes of our music were born, we started our journey into the unknown, ignoring that we would one day go out there and share our two-seat-cloud with the rest of the world. -Saschienne

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Here’s to hoping this is a partnership meant to stay vs. a one off band project.

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