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If You Like A Song Camping Alongside Your Beats, Jelixa Is A Good Find


I remember once reading about a lady who had a vase in her home that—unbeknownst to her—was worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. She was actually using it as a planter. Then someone told her it was there and I would imagine it was taken much better care of.

Well, in my quest to find new and great music on this large blue marble in the sky I usually think extreme. I mean, little did I know that a town or two away there was a killer pop/house artist in North Richland Hills, Texas. Jelixa is her name-o. Jelixa is the kind of vocalist that you can just tell always wanted to sing and perform. The kicker is that the enthusiasm not only has not worn off, but it is contagious. I will be the first to admit that when done well, pop music doesn't scare me. If you similarly like a song camping alongside your beats, Jelixa is a good find.

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