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John Dahlback “Toolroom Knights” (Toolroom Records)

This Monday has brought much more than the feeling of dissipated brain cells from the weekend prior. John Dahlback, another storied talent out of the great country of Sweden, synonymous for production superstars, drops two new DJ mixes showcasing his ingenious and original style. Toolroom Knights combines Dahlback’s impeccable musical taste with his salacious appetite for empowering beats. Not only is this release two different mixes—it’s comprised of two completely different attitudes.


The first tape is absolutely perfect for a Monday after a weekend, such as today. Featuring laid-back melodic anthems that aren’t too hard on the ears or head, but rather comforting and reminiscent of Dahlback’s tech-groove style. I’m finding it difficult to put my finger on any track that feels out of place throughout the first CD, probably because there isn’t one that’s out of place. It’s not hard to succumb to head nodding from the get-go. To begin, Dahlback puts an excellent spin on the Lovebirds’ Feat. Stee Downes “Want You In My Soul” that draws you in without a hitch, it’s a great intro track, very optimistic and lays down the overall feel for the first CD.

The second tape has a much more up-tempo, big-room feel to it than the first. Filled with originals from Dahlback himself and a top line that never goes into hiding. I’d have to say that the second is much more “club friendly” than the first and I think the people in this coffee shop can vouch judging by my omnipresent foot tapping and head nodding.

Overall, I believe that this is a great testament to Dahlback’s DJing and production skills. The first disc, being much more mellow than the second is by far one of my favorites of the year. The second will soon find a place in my library for the appropriate times when I need a driving top line and percussive beats. This mix is certainly an essential for 2012 and scores a collective 8 out of 10.

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Toolroom Knights begs the question: what the hell are they putting in the water in Sweden? I want some. Pick up Toolroom Knights via Beatport.

John Dahlbäck North American Tour Dates:
Feb 16 at Hoxton in Toronto, ON
Feb 17 at Pacha in New York, NY
Feb 18 at Amnesia in Miami, FL
Feb 19 at Rise in Boston, MA
Feb 22 at Supper Club in Los Angeles, CA
Feb 23 at Voyeur in San Diego, CA
Feb 24 at Yost Theater in Santa Ana, CA
Feb 25 at XS in Las Vegas, NV

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