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Los Angeles: Rhondavous With Morgan Geist, Aeroplane And The Legendary Optimo

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In all of her sultry career, last Friday was a Rhonda to remember. You waited in that impressively long line, got weird, got down and looked good. You worked hard and the gods are pleased. With a lineup that consisted of Morgan Geist, Aeroplane, and the legendary Optimo, your excuse of missing out just isn’t cool enough to justify your absence. Taking place at the massive 333 Live in the downtown area, this edition of Rhondavous made all of your dancing dreams come true with a huge floor, a festival worthy stage set up, several platforms and an upper balcony level. Yes, this is what disco heaven really looks like.

Starting the night off with Rhonda’s own resident party machine, Paradise, we were treated to a tasteful selection that hardly allowed any warm up time. Even if you arrive early, you’re still expected to get moving; this isn’t your average night out. Morgan Geist followed, which was great since we hadn’t seen him in a minute. Throwing down some records both new and old, Geist did his thing in flawless fashion as usual. It was around this point where I realized I haven’t seen that place so packed before, and you can bet there was still a line around the block outside.

Aeroplane taking the stage was a rush as expected, I headed right up there as soon as I could to make sure I got the full experience that was about to go down. Catching him is always a pleasure, and I couldn’t think of a better party in LA for him to make his appearance. Ripping through his catalog of praised remixes, Belgium’s disco pilot really kicked things into a higher gear with a few surprises only fit for such an occasion. For those who haven’t attended one of these, I’m fairly confident when I say the vibe is unlike anything you’ve attended. There’s always one of those moments where everything feels right, such as Aeroplane ending his set with the entire huge venue singing along to “Paris.”

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Even though I was mainly interested in Aeroplane, I obviously stuck around for the legendary Optimo. One thing about Rhonda is that being familiar with the DJs is optional, as you’ll have a blast regardless of who’s behind the decks. Trust her! But anyway, Optimo ended up being my surprise highlight of the night, and sure to be a favorite memory of my year. Not going to lie, Optimo’s reign was kind of before my time and I never got to really educate myself on their legacy until recently. Obviously respecting their history and impact, I awaited Optimo’s set with an open mind ready for anything; and that was the best way to go about it. Optimo’s selections were all over the place, but always worked effortlessly. It’s a rare gift to be able to play such an eclectic variety of tracks that still flow seamlessly with style and energy. From Talking Heads to rare ‘90s house records, from The Rapture to Chic, it was time to watch some real pros in action. Respect!

While my iPhone clips hardly do any justice to this madness, I suggest following/liking your monthly polysexual playground leaders to stay connected with future happenings: GODDOLLARS, Paradise, A Club Called Rhonda, Russ, and Echo Park Records. And even if you’re not in LA, it’s worth getting invites from these guys anyway as their descriptions and posts are simply amazing.

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