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Maelstrom "USSR" EP (Sound Pellegrino)


Maelstrom, another ferocious weapon in France's seemingly endless arsenal of tough young heavy hitters, has been brewing his pungent recipe of “bass music with house and techno aesthetics” for the better part of a decade, under different noms de guerre.  His “Tanger” EP on Boysnoize Records snapped some necks last November, with focused, driving tracks easily embodying the simultaneous class and rage the BNR TRAX imprint is becoming synonymous with.  The latest “USSR” EP on Sound Pellegrino (released Feb 20) continues this trend, while perhaps digging a little deeper, getting a little weirder and more playful.

The title track is an angular techno monster accented by a wailing vocal sample, the Aero Manyelo remix has more of a garage feel, with dry toms and huge droning bass.  The Hacker's legendary touch is perhaps more subtle but no less nasty.  “Pool Chicks” has an old school electro feel updated with distorted laser builds (sounds like a potentially terrible idea, but it works.  Trust).  “House Music” is perhaps the strongest track of the EP, with remixes from DJ Dodger Stadium (Los Angeles-based label Body High's LOL BOYS and Samo Soundboy) and Parisians Coni and Boston Bun bringing powerful and diverse takes on a dynamic, playable, memorable burner.  The “USSR” EP confirms that Maelstrom is one to watch; Fantastic work.

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BTW, the label does a great podcast. Check it out.

Release Feb 20, 2012

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