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Magic Machines—For The Eye And Ear

Check my pulse. Seriously. The French electro artist Magic Machines has made two of the greatest music videos ever. Yes, in 2012. Don't worry, the music is great too—you won't have to endure music you won't like to enjoy the ride. But the pop culture references in the visual accompaniments to "Hey Mister" and "Hey Mister, Part 2" are just so on the money. "Part Two" is great, but the first one is the stuff dreams are made of. Certainly don't let the tracks get lost in the shuffle, but you've got to check these collage-style edited masterpieces out. We are talking Spike Jonze—the Next Generation here. So have a look and a listen, because both the medium for the eye and the medium for the ear are totally worth the time. Magic Machines on Facebook. Soundcloud.


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