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Magnetic Premiere: Liftoff Alternate Universe Mix


Are you familiar with Washington DC’s psychedelic collaboration band, Liftoff? If you are, if you’re not, it doesn’t much matter at this particular moment, as here is an exclusive Alternate Universe Mix for you to dig into. Featuring members Steven Albert, Steve and Johnna Raskin and Rob Myers (members of Fort Knox Five, Thievery Corporation, Thunderball), Liftoff aims to provide soundscapes of mystical realms and altered states by way of acid-soaked melodies and 808 beats. Even though Liftoff isn’t a new name to music (early Liftoff songs were selected by Eric Hilton of Thievery Corporation to appear on the very first ESL Music Label compilation, Dubbed Out in DC back in 1996), the misfortune of having their music erased digitally (it happened to them!) obviously held back the progress of their album. What was once lost has now been re-imagined and their new album, Sunday Morning Airplay, was released mid January via Fort Knox Five Recordings. We highly recommend picking it up.

Anywho… back to the mix. The Liftoff crew was kind enough to let us premier their new mixtape, which was compiled and mixed by the one and only Steve Raskin. Alongside their own originals, this mix clearly contains songs from the past and present that defines what Liftoff’s sound truly captures. I’ll be driving to this one all week.

Free Download: Liftoff Alternate Universe Mix

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Alternate Universe Mix Tracklisting:

01 Liftoff “High Sis”
02 Air “Surfing On A Rocket” (NoMo Heroes Mix)
03 Liftoff “Nothing is Something”
04 Paul Wilson “Go Home Productions”
05 Liftoff “Kool It Man”
06 Avalanches “Summer Crane”
07 Liftoff “EmilyMaryAliceKatherine”
08 Flying White Dots “True School Walrus”
09 Liftoff “Off Yer Feet”
10 Stereolab “The Stars Our Destination”
11 Liftoff “Marshmeadows”
12 The XX “VCR” (edit)
13 I Monster “Daydream in Blue”

Sunday Morning Airplay

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