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Model 500 “Control / Messenger” (R&S Records)

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R&S is one of those labels that’s just kinda a no brainer. If you’re into it, you pick it up, even with out a listen. There are only two possibilities: 1. A dancefloor barbarian that only would come from a label based in a town that created Soulwax. Or 2. It’s that uber-obscure leftfield classic that the you’ll never get to play out, but you will go crazy to it when DJ Harvey drops it at 5 am in downtown. This 12” has both.

This release is a solo mission for Juan Atkins, still using the Model 500 moniker without the assistance of the other two original members, Mike Banks and Mark Taylor. The result is strong support for what many consider to be indisputable: Juan Atkins is the originator of techno music. The A-side “Control,” is vintage Detroit, with trigger-happy drums, robotic vocals and what sounds like a computer processing a plan for world domination. “Messenger” is a more modern, an almost techy track, with haunting synths, choppy sounds and frequent drum drops.

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Chalk this one as another R&S and Juan Atkins classic. Good for the crate and your collection. Out February 20th, 2012 on vinyl and digital. Go here.

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