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Music Review: Gonjasufi "MU.ZZ.LE" (Warp Records)

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Gonjasufi’s MU.ZZ.LE is one of those albums where it really doesn’t matter what is said here... either won’t like it or you will. If you don’t like it your life is good. You have everything you want (thanks Dad!), you’re really important, everybody loves you, and have just enough prescriptions to make you believe that bullshit is true. If you do like it, well…

Add Mu.ZZ.LE to the soundtrack for those that see a dynamic, deeper, darker world. Gonjasufi empties his soul on this album, mostly written on the road, and tells a story of man wrestling with the untold, unspeakable realities of the world. Lyrics like “I’m not the perfect man, and I never claim to be, I’ve done seem things in my time, even I’m ashamed of me” tell of life’s real struggle and the polarity found in all of us. The production, executed by Gaslamp Killer and Valentine, is right there to match, with psyched out instruments and heavy, crusty drums that have been coated in salt. It was recorded entirely in the Mojave Desert, almost a perfect environment to match the themes of anger, isolation, pain and self-transformation on the album.

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Stand out tracks include “The Blame,” “Nikels and Dimes” and “Feeding Birds.” This is an album that needs to be listened to in its entirety, drinking whiskey and smoking whatever you smoke. Clichés are stripped down and truths are exposed. There’s no light around the corner, it’s not going to be alright, and Jesus doesn’t love you. And that’s how it is. At least you have music.

Available now on Warp Records.

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