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New EP From Brooklyn’s Break Science—Free Download

Break Science, the genre-defying duo from Brooklyn, NY have released their second EP, “Monolith Code.” First of all, I haven’t the faintest idea of what the title could possibly be implying because I don’t believe that there is a monolith located in Brooklyn. Whatever the duo’s infatuation with large geological structures is, it has no bearing on whether or not I love their style of production.


“Monolith Code” defies definition from start to finish. It almost feels as though this is a collection of the genres that have influenced their music. All the tracks encompass multiple genres, from hip-hop funky basslines to dubstep drops and wobble. Overall, this EP has a very organic sound that isn’t forceful on the listener but rather welcoming. This is a great showcase piece for Break Science as they blend live drums, synths and rap verses with an artful creation of electronic production. If that all sounds good to you, head on over to Pretty Lights Music for the free download.

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