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PeaceTreaty vs. Party Favor—Internet DJ Controversy

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We received an email from Technique Management, the ones who manage several artists such as LAZRtag, Cold Blank and Peace Treaty, who is currently the subject of a little Internet DJ controversy around their new remix mash-up “Go Pressure.”

Immediately upon the release of the tracks comments were negatively directed towards the duo for basically, plagiarism. The other artists that have a similar remix that was released 10 days prior to PeaceTreaty’s actual release is native LA/OC producers/DJs, Party Favor.

And this is where the Internet and the growing industry really come into play. With producers popping up like pimples on a teenager’s ass, remixes and mash ups can simply be “two great minds think alike.”


All artists have something in common, a good ear. So of course this could happen and actually it happens more often than we know, however, social media channels such as twitter, rumors and stories can spread once they are noticed.

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I’d give it to both artists in this case. However, I am very familiar with PeaceTreaty and their sound, I do not believe that they stole this by any means and comments from the artist states that they have been sampling the mash-up for months.

For Party Favor, congrats on having a musical mind that has already proven to be well received through the success of Peace Treaty.

But you be the judge, take a listen yourself.

"Go Pressure" Alesso vs. PeaceTreaty Remix (Peace Treaty Mash-Up)

Nadia Ali vs. Alesso vs PeaceTreaty "Go Pressure" (Party Favor Remix)

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