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PillowTalk “Strange Love” (Bang The Box)


“Strange Love” is the latest from San Francisco-based deep house darlings, PillowTalk, due out on March 12th, 2012. It will be the eighth release on Bang the Box, a label spawned from a party of the same name. The single, which features remixes from Brett Johnson (including “main,” “dub” and “acappella” versions) and John Tejada, in addition to the moody groove of the original.

This track is an earworm. While initially underwhelmed by the original version, the melancholy vocoded vocal proved absolutely infectious, remaining stuck in my head for days after a first listen. The Brett Johnson version(s) have a straight techno feel emphasized by galloping high hats. John Tejada's take on the track is a definite crowd pleaser, sped up and transformed by a driving, staccato lead. All are playable, mixable, danceable. Expect “Strange Love” to be a staple in Miami this March!

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Released March 12th, 2012 on vinyl and as a download. Yes, Bang The Box is still rocking wax.

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