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Pipes/Gucci Vump “Bromance #2” (Bromance Records)

Bromance, the label co-founded by prodigious techno prince of Paris, Brodinski, unleashes “Bromance #2” on March 13. The release is a split between LA-based Pipes, and G.Vump, a collaboration between Brodinski and Guillaume Brière (“The Shoes”).


G.Vump’s "Feeling" is a massive, dynamic, sensitive anthem. Much in the way of Surkin’s “White Knight Two,” or Renaissance Man’s “What is Guru” of years past, the vocal is distorted enough to insert one’s own lyrics—a sure way to get entire international dancefloors singing along. This is undoubtedly a peak hour, eyes closed, hands up, weeping on the dancefloor burner—dare I say “banger.” While the bittersweet chord progression and huge builds lend “Feeling” to a big room vibe, the track manages to avoid seeming cheesy or cliche, instead coming off as somehow tender and magical.

On the figurative flip side, Pipes’ debut single is no less powerful. The duo, comprised of vocalist Matty Pipes and producer Steven Bloodbath, has recently released a much lauded mixtape of original material with the label, in anticipation of this release. “Sleeping” feels like a cross between what is swiftly becoming known as Bromance’s signature new, tough techno, and the pop sensibilities of something like Hot Creations vocal tracks (Ali Love on Jamie Jones’ “Forward Motion,” for example). Lyrically clever, with a voice to back up the group’s name, “Sleeping” chugs along like a steam engine, a ferocious sonic freight train grinding through a dark club.

“Bromance #2”is diverse and dancefloor effective, prepare to do (or at least hear) a lot of “Feeling” and “Sleeping” this spring.

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