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PoP Campaign—A Two-Person Fight Against Pretentiousness


You can usually tell quite a bit about an artist from their influences. Even if they are not at all hyper-apparent in their art. Example: I once read a few years ago that Thom Yorke from Radiohead liked to listen to Sinatra before a show, and while I can't confirm this—for some otherworldly reason I could totally see it. It just makes sense on some hard-to-explain level. I also read that Barry Gibb is a huge fan of the Cure. I hope that's true...don't you? For me, it ultimately means that anything is possible in this world, possibly even a cure for the common cold at some point.

Scottish duo PoP Campaign is similar in this regard. Their music is way danceable, but among the list of more predictable influences are Pulp, Black Sabbath and Morrissey. You know, the three guaranteed artists most known worldwide to pack the dancefloor. While yes, I'm being sarcastic, honestly how great is it that the two members of PoP Campaign, namely—Exclamation Mark and Anna Gram (points for the hot names)—actually have these influences and on some level, even subconsciously—the influences probably seep into the jams. They are a two-person fight against pretentiousness. I salute them in this battle.

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Free Download: PoP Campaign "T.H.H.S.A.K.K"

PoP Campaign’s debut album, Kraut Popping was released on February 14 via CARP Recordings. Pick it up here.

Kraut Popping Tracklist:
01 "PoP Campaign Theme Tune"
02 "Herzlich Willkommen"
03 "Ganz Ganz Ganz Genau"
04 "Keine Kleine"
05 "X Marks The Spot"
06 "T.H.H.S.A.K.K"
07 "Das Perfekte Promi Dinner"
08 "Schadenfreude"
09 "Come Whine With Me"

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