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Thank You, Don Cornelius...For The Decades Of Dance

Today, sadly, Mr. Don Cornelius was found dead of an apparent suicide. While media for the most part I'm sure are going to capitalize on the gruesome facts and will shed insincere tears, this won't be happening here. Why? This man brought music that you'd actually want to dance to into international living rooms from October 1971 to March 2006. A pioneer for urban ownership and a champion of entrepreneurship, his Train rolled along year after year and made through each and every neighborhood in the United States of America. That deep voiced visionary—that you simply couldn't not love—educated suburbia heads like me about music that changed the entire rest of my life, and I am by no means alone.


So thank you, thank you, thank you for showcasing the incredible artists, for teaching a percentage of the world how one should party, and for doing it all with class. And as always in parting, we wish you love, peace... and soul. RIP.

Donald Cortez "Don" Cornelius (September 27, 1936 – February 1, 2012)

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