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The Drama. The Criticism. Insomniac’s Founder Pasquale Rotella Gets An Ear Full

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Insomniac’s founder and CEO Pasquale Rotella encounters drama on a daily basis. Man oh man, I feel for him. Yesterday, January 30, I could’ve sworn the world was going to end—at least for some people. What happened? Flavorus tickets had to shut down access to purchasing tickets for Insomniac’s Beyond Wonderland on March 17 at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino. It seems people set their alarms to buy tickets with credit and debit cards in tow. Everything was going copasetic until Flavorus was overwhelmed with a high demand of orders that overloaded their systems to the point orders were taking hours to complete. According to Flavorus in a statement “many Beyond Wonderland tickets were successfully sold today, but some customers who wanted tickets didn’t get a chance to order.” Now that’s understandable and reasonable on Flavorus part but there were a handful of customers frustrated and pissed they couldn’t purchase their tickets for $50 yesterday. Wait it gets better.

Shortly after, I read through Rotella’s Twitter page and ended up getting more than I bargained for. Various customers believe that Insomniac is charging too much for tickets. Here’s the breakdown, yesterday the first batch of tickets were selling for $50, second batch $65 and third batch $85 (which I believe isn’t too much). However, frequent Insomniac customers beg to differ.

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The reason I believe it isn’t expensive? Insomniac host events that are incredibly amazing with outstanding producers and artists. And really, where else can you see talent like Alesso, Kaskade, Steve Angello, Nervo, ATB, Dash Berlin, Sub Focus, in one night for a maximum of $85? Hold on, I’ll wait. Seriously. I don’t want to seem insensitive here but an Insomniac event is worth the green paper in your pocket. Rotella literally invests his time, money and efforts to create impeccable experiences for others.

Granted, current times aren’t economically magical but the prices aren’t extreme either. It’s a business, supply and demand. Insomniac has a limited amount of tickets. If the demand is high, supply is limited—the price will heighten. When the demand is low, with limited supply, the prices will lower. It’s that simple. Honestly, if you can’t afford to purchase a $50, $65, or a $85 ticket then you shouldn’t go. Yes—it’s a total bummer but Insomniac will host another event that you’ll want to go too, just as eager as before. Seriously people need to end the complaints about it, it’s never that serious.

A new batch of tickets will go on sale tomorrow at noon PST via Flavorus. Cheers!

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