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The Have-A-Nice-Decade Never Truly Ended—Coach Roebuck

Ever see a dude in his sixties who never quite left the ‘60s? Well, the late ‘70s has similar people in the way-back machine. For those who were down with disco, the Have-A-Nice-Decade never truly ended. I don't find this sad. It's actually quite great. I mean, if dance music was as mainstream now as it was then, think of the impact all of that cardio would have on the current obesity problem in the United States? People would be doing the hustle and dropping serious luggage and cleaning up their backyards.


Coach Roebuck seems to agree. While not fearing technological advancements in gear, his passion for vintage dance tracks comes through loud and clear. One of his tracks is called “Music We Can Believe In.” That about sums him up. His grooves feel good for the soul, and one can also detect a sense of humor in there too.

Put me in, Coach. I'm ready to get off this bench.

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