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The Powerful, Overbearing Rhythms Of Electronic Music. Let Us Rejoice—In Ourselves.

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I was clicking around on Christ Wire this morning getting my daily updates about God and stuff and came across a bit of shocking news. In case you weren’t already aware, sky’s the limit when it comes to the worldly sounds of today. Recent studies in Scientific Proof Magazine reveal that subjection to EDM’s beat can cause harm mentally, physically and emotionally. That it’s been known to excite a person’s sexual drives, and projects an atmosphere where immorality is acceptable. It also goes on to point out that electronic music is rife with secret messages and hidden meanings, obscene connotations, and every once in while, highly suggestive lyrics. Sounds like the holy trinity of fun, if you ask us. And for that I say, let us rejoice—in ourselves that is. At the end of the day we’re all rhythmic creatures… of course we’re going to be affected by the powerful, overbearing rhythms of electronic music. We’re primitive; it’s an instinct.

And now for Mark Figs’ op-ed. Before you dig in let me give you a little primer on Mark. He has been praying for the gentle hand of God to eradicate all evil Muslim, Black Gangmember and Homosexuals from Earth. With prayer, he believes you can solve the drug problem and convince all Mexicans to return to the volcano from which they emerged! He a 1st Lieutenant in God's Army, a warrior of prayer.

Skrillex Uses Satanic and Homosexual Influence to Win Grammys

Skrillex, a Gothic icon and Lesbian fashionista whose name is Latin for “Homosexual Satan Wasp”, is the biggest act in Dubstep today — a music genre founded on consuming massive amounts of drugs and having raucous pre-marital sex with numerous partners — and his winnings at the 2012 Grammys prove that his satanic presence will be felt for years to come. As long as Skrillex wins Grammys and is accepted by mainstream media, he will claim souls for Satan and molest our children through his perverse philosophy of futuristic devil machine music.

Skrillex is the inventor of “dubstep” whose sole purpose is to provide a “drop” — common youth terminology for procuring and snorting drugs. In addition, the rhythm patterns he employs in his “music” are known to cause seizures to certain people, which provides ample opportunity for other concert-goers to rape said afflicted person(s).

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Skrillex, a known emosexual, was born Sonny Moore. He rose to fame with the satanic Rock ‘n roll band “From First To Last” (a band name that celebrates falling from God’s grace) and soon parlayed that success into something much more blasphemous; something that incorporates elements of Warhol-era rampant homosexuality and perversion, electronic “music” and lesbian-influenced haircuts. It is rumored that 1 in 3 women are raped at a Skrillex concert and forced to abort their children soon after.

Over 100% of homosexual gays listen to, or have listened to Skrillex in their life — mostly while participating in door-to-door recruitment for sex orgies or attempting to molest children in one of the patented “Rape Vans” used by the gay homo community.


Skrillex, shown here drinking “ecstasy,” in particular the potent “X3″ version

In addition, Skrillex has launched a grotesque fashion trend, where upon weak-minded woman destroy their hallowed vessels of child birthing by SHAVING the side of their head — the same thing responsible for the downfall of Samson is being ENCOURAGED by this gnome-ish pervert. Skrillex will stop at nothing to get every teen in America hooked on dubstep and “ecstasy” (a potent street drug responsible for terrorism).

As a proud parent of four, healthy, able-bodied children, I urge all fellow parents to think thrice before allowing their own children to attend a dubstep show. These shows are full of unemployed “Occupiers” who seek to rape and maim your children and family life. Skrillex fans are MORE likely to rob a gas station and set a retirement home on fire than 1000% of Christians.

Please join with me in boycotting dubstep and this evil, satanic harbinger of deceit.

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