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Tiga—Canada’s Electro Ambassador Returns To BBC Radio

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It’s nice to be hearing Tiga’s name again. Not that he or Turbo Recordings went anywhere… there was the Zombie Nation collaboration under the ZZT moniker recently which garnered some buzz, but it still seems like it’s been a minute. Anywho… Canada’s electro ambassador is making a return to his “6 Music” residency for BBC Radio. The show will broadcast on Sunday March 4th from 8 pm to 10 pm. There will also be a repeat airing the following Saturday and the mix will also be available for streaming on the 6 Music website for a week proceeding the show being aired.

Of course being Tiga, and the tastemaker that he is, you can expect something special… in this case it’s a trance special recorded all the way from Goa, India. True to form, don’t expect a garden-variety spin on the trance you think you know. We’re told he’ll be investigating the very essence and DNA of the genre. That he’s going to pull apart the sound, the rhythms and melodies to find some unexpected connections. We can dig that—guy is inexhaustibly creative...

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