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Transformers N The Hood—A Blend Of Dubstep and Southern Hip-Hop


With all due respect to David Guetta, the first disc of Nothing But The Beat was so obnoxiously poppy that I may have thrown it out of my sunroof. However, the second disc was typical Guetta, filled with house tracks that are still on many of my playlists. I think he got carried away in trying to produce a fusion of house with hip-hop/top-40 vocals. Although this album is immensely popular in clubs around the country, it’s certainly not popular with me. If you didn’t notice, I don’t like the first disc of Nothing But The Beat.

The bridge between hip-hop and EDM has been crossed before, most notably by UK sensation Example. His collaboration with Laidback Luke, “Natural Disaster” is one of my favorite tracks from last year and many during Ibiza’s 2011 season were also pleased by the track. “Natural Disaster” is off of Example’s most recent album Playing in the Shadows. The album features producers from all across the EDM arena including but not limited to, Nero, Dirty South, Skream and the aforementioned Laidback Luke.

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You may be asking yourself, “What’s the point?” The point is that there has recently been an album release that has conquered the bridge between hip-hop and EDM. Although this album has more of a dubstep beat behind it, it’s most certainly worthy of being put in the same category of EDM/hip-hop fusion, more emphasis on the hip-hop.

Some fellows from Mad Decent decided to take a trip down south to HotLanta and show them what the wobble was all about. Co-produced by Heroes & Villains, Mayhem and Diplo, Transformers N The Hood is a success. They produced utilizing samples from Fight Facilities “Crave You” and “In The Air” with Angela McCluskey on vocals; a track Morgan Page made very popular this past year. They felt it necessary to team up with actual rappers compared to what Guetta did; this added a true hip-hop feel to it. Atlanta based rap duo FKi invited their boys Travis Porter, T.I., Mike Fresh and others to be a part of this original album. This album is a nice diversion from the dubstep heavy label to explore new facets of the music industry.

I was curious what Diplo was up to when he tweeted pictures of him in an Atlanta studio with strippers and dollar bills strewn around the room. This is what him and the people at Mad Decent were up to, a true blend of dubstep and southern hip-hop that can be downloaded for free if it sounds like something you’d like. If yes, go here.

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