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Urulu “Across the Sky” EP (Exploited)

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2012 is shaping up to be Exploited Records year. Not satisfied with the success of the Claptone and the Adana Twins releases, label headman Shir Khan has Urulu’s “Across the Sky” EP prepped and ready to go this March. It’s another house punch for Exploited, this time with a post-modern edge combined with deep, raw funk.

Los Angeles’ Urulu (born Taylor Freels), brings us a solid three-track EP that’s smooth enough to chill out to, but still punchy and soulful enough to make it a warehouse hit. His combination of soulful chords, low-slung basslines, and driving vocals ode to ‘90s house while keeping a modern, progressive energy. His music collecting compulsions are combined with emotion, creating tracks that are inspiring and moving, without being overly “epic.”

Look for it March 12th on and March 26th on Itunes.

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