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Voxels “Nasty/C.U.N.T.” (Enchufada)

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The Voxels, a production team out of Oporto, Portugal, produce their music in what they call a “Magical Unicorn Bunker.” I don’t really know what that means, and I don’t really want to know what goes on in that bunker, but it’s working. The Voxels have already released a remix for Buruka Son Systema and an EP on Top Billin’ called “SynthMetric.” Next up is a 12” on Enchufada, a local label based out of Lisbon.


The first track, “Nasty” lives up to its name… it’s just plain nasty. Sick bassline, hesitant yet suggestive vocals and what sounds like a blues choir behind it. At 120 BPMs, the track shapes up to be either an early night party starter or a peak hour anthem. The flip “C.U.N.T”, is when the night goes from nasty to crossing the line, with a minimal techno pulse that’s wrong for all the right reasons. It’s a shameless bumping of synths and drums against an electro grinder, reminding why the party you’re at is illegal, and so much fun. Just use protection. Pick up the EP here.

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