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A Chat With Marco Bailey Right Before His Show At Bleu Detroit

The small country of Belgium delivers a big punch in the form of Marco Bailey. While primarily known for his techno style through the years, one can never pinpoint him just for that. His sets are versatile, incorporating various elements from across electronic music genres skillfully weaving them in and out of each other. Don't be surprised if his hard techno drops suddenly veer to a melodic uplift that has trance written all over it, or if he drops a smooth, sexy house groove luring you in.

With his own record label, MB Elektronics, and releases on various other respected labels such as Bedrock (run by John Digweed), and Drumcode (Adam Beyer), Marco explores every aspect of music as he pleases. He has an impressive resume, playing along side Carl Cox in Ibiza, as well as many festivals and clubs in the world.

I had the pleasure of catching up with him at the Renaissance Center, right before his show at Bleu Detroit. He talks about where he wants his music to go, the effects of social networking, and the commercialization of electronic music. Afterwards, his set at Bleu features his new release with Tom Hades "Stars & Shines" which let me say, lets your eyes roll to the back of you head in sheer bliss.

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