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Above and Beyond Coming Back To Cali...

May is three months away and the goose bumps, the adrenaline, and excitement is already building thinking about Jono, Pavvo, and Tony returning to California.


May 18, Insomniac events will present Above and Beyond at the legendary Shrine Auditorium for the gentlemen’s part II Group Therapy North American Tour. For those who recall in 2010 Above and Beyond played amongst a sold out crowd of four thousand people and broadcast live on their 350 radio show at the Palladium. Endless fans across the globe enjoyed the set and communicate via Facebook, Twitter, and the interactive TATW350 map. That night the greatest trance music played in unison allowing everyone to get lost within Above and Beyond’s world. Fast forward to May 2011, they played two sold out shows at the Palladium, tickets selling out within 48 hours with people from all over the globe traveling in order to witness magic in the flesh.

Above and Beyond being the culprits to my formal introduction into the trance family, their initial sound is indescribable, hard to explain without having the hairs stand up on your arms. Just plug in the headphones, allow the music to blast; Above and Beyond’s music speaks for itself. There isn’t hard hitting technical sounds overwhelming the brain, laser and glitch attacks are non-existent. The smooth, delicious, divine sounds will allow your mind to soar into unknown worlds within the imagination and there isn’t a single trance artist that has impacted my sensory senses like Above and Beyond. Despite the fact, I might sound like a chick addicted to a substance, I’ve never listened to music that can make water fill my eyes and start streaming down because the music is beautifully constructed.

Of course, this show is going to sell out, I believe in the matter of hours. So Above and Beyond is establishing a priority sign-up system that allows the guys biggest fans (which is a massive amount of individuals) to have first dibs at purchasing tickets. Just visit Above and Beyond’s official Facebook page, click on LA signup, and then enter your information. Pre-sale tickets for priority guest will release on March 7, at noon. Be sure to check your e-mail because a direct link to purchase tickets will be sent on March 7 at noon, so have the computer ready.

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Let’s keep this simple; the trance family knows May 13 is going to be magical.

“Sun and Moon” featuring Richard Bedford

“Can’t Sleep”

“Can’t Sleep “ (Super8 and Tab Remix)

“You Got to Go” featuring Zoë Johnston

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