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Arcade Fire x Soulwax


It’s just common knowledge that the Soulwax guys have a bunch of tricks and surprises up their sleeves. They like to come out of nowhere with everything and keep quiet while they work, which seems to be the case with their remix of Arcade Fire’s “Sprawl II.” You may have been teased with a bit of this unreleased track on their last “Under The Covers” tour, but now it seems that it’s been completed for a proper release in the near future. Check out the Radio Soulwax animation clip, and then listen to the full version via radio rip below. Better late than ever, and always interesting and top quality when it involves these guys. If you haven’t seen any of their live shows or even DJ sets, please do yourself a favor and hit one up.

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Make sure to follow Soulwax/2ManyDJs on Vimeo to check out all their previous Radio Soulwax specials, and head over to their site to catch the broadcasts.

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