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Cancun: A South Of The Border Spring Break With Avicii

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If you like electronic music and you were south of the boarder for spring break—in Cancun on March 13 to be exact—chances are you were at The City fighting your way through 8,000 other revelers for the Avicii show. Can you say packed beyond capacity?

I’ll be honest here… this was one of the most frustrating events that I have seen Tim play. I mean that in a strictly music and performance sense. The three leveled, egg-shaped nightclub was definitely a noteworthy one (everyone from Ludacris to Tiësto to Paul van Dyk to Snoop Dogg has performed there) and a great place to party—complete with an outside lounge where people can get down or relax while listening to the music out on the oceanfront.

For the people that wanted to rage inside all night, like most, the club has an awesome production set up—a 1,000,000-watt sound system, 650 square feet of video screens around the building, an 8,000 square foot dancefloor and 9 bars. They also had fog that shot down from the ceiling that filled the entire space while blinding everyone as they partied. Seriously some of the best fog I have seen at a show.

Now it’s time for some of the negative aspects of the night.

The first issue I had was that the club was rammed beyond belief. The club lost control almost immediately as the lines of spring breakers and locals spread through downtown Cancun to see Avicii. The VIP area basically dissolved and became a free-for-all for partiers.

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The second problem came when the speakers in the back of the club were cutting in and out during Avicii’s beginning half-hour of his set. This was the first time the speakers were having issues that hiccups continued throughout the whole night, which was frustrating for everyone—including the man behind the decks.

My final issue with the performance was that Avicii seemed to play almost the exact same set he played during his New Year’s party in NYC at Pier 94. Not like I remember track for track for track from Pier 94, but if were a betting man, I’d say the first hour of his set sounded identically as his New Year’s one. I don’t necessarily have a problem with Avicii wanting to take it easy for the night and play all of his popular songs because he knows the crowd will love it either way. I mean, the club was packed with bunch of drunk college students who were not necessarily there for the music as much as the party environment. The place was going to go nuts no matter what Avicii played, and sadly, I think he knew that…

For someone who has seen him over a handful of times, his sets have become so predictable that it isn’t fun to see him anymore. And really, was playing the same song multiple times in one night (“Levels”) necessary? It’s pretty much what Dom Mazzetti would play. That’s all I’m going to say about that…

Dom Mazzetti vs. EDM

Other than those few issues you would have thought that Led Zeppelin was playing a reunion show. The place was popping and all the people there seemed to be having a good time.

All in all, I think Avicii got away with a sly one south of the border simply because he played a “safe” set including a variety of good songs, as always. He may be fooling newcomers to the EDM scene, or people that just go to clubs and don’t care who is playing, but not I. I expect more from the DJs/producers that are considered the “Icons” of electronic music.

Big thanks to Student City and Vertigo Entertainment for the photos of the night.

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