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Celebrating The Life And Music Of Adam Goldstein—RIP DJ AM

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The music industry lost a special person when Adam Goldstein passed away. Adam was one of the nicest guys we've ever had the pleasure of kicking it with—not to mention one of the most skilled DJs we've had the pleasure of hearing/watching. Banana Split was such a legendary party—it was like taking a sonic joyride week after week. The guest DJs that would roll through was out of control. Gluttony never sounded so good. A cheap keg of beer on the dancefloor never tasted so good. If you had the pleasure of going to LAX on Sunday night, you know we speak the truth… so much influence for such a small dancefloor. BTW, if I were you...I'd expect a super special guest DJ next week for this event.

Here’s a mix from Banana Split’s two year anniversary.

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Banana Split two-year anniversary mix

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