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Exclusive Magnetic Mix: Voxels



Here's a special treat from the duo Voxels, aka the Portuguese perverts that live in a unicorn cave. That's what we're told anyway, it could be true. Or not. What we do know, tho, is that this here is an exclusive DJ mix the duo put together featuring tracks from Switch, Junior Boys, L-Vis 1990, and of course some of their remixes and original production. It’s a little less intense than their “Nasty” single, but this hits damn hard and show’s their versatility and talent as producers and DJs. If Voxels keep doing what they're doing...big things are a coming. That's our prediction anyway.

It’s a total fast ride through a dark and twisted place...don’t forget your safety word.

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Exclusive Magnetic Mix: Voxels (right click, save as to download)


01. Moullinex “Sunflare” (Ruined by Voxels) (free on Soundcloud)
02. Voxels “The Feeling” (Top Billin / Nightrunners)
03. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs “Dream On” (free on Soundcloud)
04. Junior Boys “You'll Improve Me” (Caribou remix) (Domino)
05. L-Vis 1990 “The Beach” (PMR Records)
06. BS1 “Nightwish” (BNR Trax)
07. Boddika “Up And Dance” (free on Soundcloud)
08. Switch “I Still Love You” (Dubsided)
09. Switch “I Still Love You” (Gucci Vump remix) (NVTHIN BVT A GUXXI THANG MIXTAPE)

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