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Free Download: “I Feel For You” by The Bionics



When I first started my discovery phase with electronic music—I’m talking about the moment when you stop listening to what your friends say you should like and start exploring for yourself—the oh-so important British house label Paper Recordings was there for me. This awesome cover of Prince's song “I Feel For You” (made a bit more famous when Chaka Khan covered it) is coming from The Bionics, a studio project by Crazy P’s Danielle Moore and Tim Davies and Flash Atkins (aka Ben Davis el Jefe at Paper Recordings). Enjoy the free download and if you like what you hear, The Bionics have had some EPs and an album out on Paper Recordings so follow this link if you want to hear some more.

This just feels like a good Friday morning tune.

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Free Download: “I Feel For You” by The Bionics (right click save as to download)

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