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Free Download: Snoop Dogg’s “Euro Techno” Mix—Tensnake, Prins Thomas, The KDMS, Crazy P and More


It’s just common fact these days that everyone wants to be the DJ; there’s no surprise there. Your grandparents have a Soundcloud, and so do your pets. I’m serious, go check. With the amount of celebrities and non-DJ types hopping on the 1s and 2s every year in hopes of riding the hype wave of the current trendy sound, it’s actually really cool to see someone do things a little differently. You may find this hard to believe at first, but I’m talking about Snoop Dogg. Yes, Snoop himself is posting up DJ mixtapes of different styles on his Soundcloud that he supposedly compiled and mixed himself. Just this morning I logged onto Soundcloud to see a “Euro Techno” mix by Snoop Dogg sitting in my newsfeed. Of course I had to check it out.

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To say the least I’m a little shocked. The last thing I expected was for Snoop to put together an hour of smooth disco and house tunes, which he seems to call “euro techno.” I’d like to believe he actually made this, especially because the mixing isn’t amazing, so it’s kind of likely. And that’s awesome. He used tracks from Tensnake, Prins Thomas, The KDMS, Genius Of Time, 6th Borough Project, Crazy P, and more. Snoop Dogg must have done his fair share of digging, or perhaps has some friends who are really in the loop. I didn’t expect him to know about so many great non-commercial and recent disco jams. I might have to book him for a DJ set for a pool party this summer! A few people I’ve showed this to have their doubts about how real it is, but regardless I think it’s nice to see someone with an entirely different fan-base present something like this to people who wouldn’t typically listen to this kind of music. Maybe there’s still hope? I’d also like to mention that I skimmed through some of his other mixtapes, and the hip-hop ones are mixed way better than this, so it’s probably him on here.

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