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Getting Inside A Candy Coated Heart—Interview With A Teenage Raver Girl

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You know those girls at all the big raves and festivals that wear basically nothing but those furry Chewbacca boots, candy bracelets and random accessories all over their body? Yeah, you know what I’m talking about. Well I’m sure at one point in your partying career you’ve taken a few steps back and pondered just what in the hell is going through these girls’ heads. If you’re like me you have. Are you? I was happy to find that I’m not the only one curious, LA Weekly’s Ben Westhoff has gone the distance to find out exactly what these diehard rave chicks are all about. Ben took the time to interview an 18-year old fan a few weeks back at Beyond Wonderland festival. Running through questions like:

How do you choose tour outfits?

What do your parents think about your attire?

Don’t you get cold?

A justified inquiry as proven by the electric tape across the nipples pix above.

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How do other people respond to your outfits?

To which she replies:

Not being conceited, but everywhere I go people like my outfits. Theyre like, ‘Im going to dress like you.’

Bless her candy-coated heart. If you ever wondered what kind of people use the term “EDM,” now you know.


You can read the full article/interview here.

On the plus side though, it’s actually interesting to read from a non-industry perspective about how accessible dance music is becoming in various forms. Regardless if I’m a fan of the sub-genres mentioned in this specific article, I still think it’s kind of cool that the older generation is becoming more open-minded and accepted toward electronic music in general; people are curious about our culture and want to know more. But that being said, I’m still going to laugh at your Hello-Kitty backpack while you shove past me to get closer to the barricade.

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