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Hollywood: 12th Planet “The End Is Near”

Photos by Pedro DePacaz

Well, the whirlwind that is 12th Planet’s “The End Is Near” Tour touched down in Hollywood this past Wednesday and after seeing the tour trailer #2 that they posted earlier in the day I was inclined to utilize my global entry press pass and hit the road for the Avalon to witness the madness in person. Upon entry and my journey backstage I saw all of the typical signs of a West Coast Dubstep show: “No Moshing” signs, aspiring adult film stars, top international EDM DJs/producers, copious amounts of alcohol, lots of photogs, and a truly eclectic audience of 1,000+ including everything from top whites to gangsters to bboys to frat boys, ravers and more.

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Pittsburgh native Kastle aka B Rich kicked things off playing his style of avant-garde bass music mixed with pop and beats undertones to an audience who was certainly accepting of this unique style all of his own. Bodies moved as things heated up and LA dubstep staple took the stage around 11:30 dropping banger after banger, both unreleased and popular, but certainly reflective of the hype, party style, jump up and break your fucking neck tunes that the left coast has become known for. After an hour of pummeling by Flinch, the LA crowd welcomed their hometown boy 12thy, the, dare I say, US Dubstep pioneer, to the stage. Equipped with his mic and two Pioneer CDJs the man did what he does best; deliver high energy, low-end tracks that incite slam dancing, grinding and whinding, for two hours straight. After a quintessential stage dive and crowd surf, and encore of dirty-south hip-hop (“swag”), the lights came on, the hangers-on flooded backstage and the audience members retreated to be barraged out front with fifty million rave flyers and hit the bacon-wrapped hot-dog stand before returning to their over-priced parking space to tweet about how rad the show was. I could go on, but just watch the videos and check out the flicks and you’ll get a picture of what went down on TEIN tour 2012. BOOOM!

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