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How Serious Do You Take Copyright Law?


Not to be a downer but this is a must read for all the producers slash DJs out there. Noah Sutcliffe wrote an article for DJ Tech Tools that does a great job of breaking down the basics of copyright law, the dubious grey area of the remix and how to copyright your own material. I know copyright law is something the EDM scene doesn’t really take seriously, but a lawsuit from a major record label is still something to be afraid of!

The implications of all of this may come as a surprise, but before you faint with concern that your next gig will be in the prison yard, take a deep breath. Unless you’re running PirateBay, MegaUpload, TorrentVortex or another nefariously-named haven of content theft, it’s unlikely that you’ll be making new friends behind bars (at least as a result of your musical endeavors). However, if you want to:

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2. Make as much money as possible from your own originals and remixes.

Then continue reading "Copyright Concerns For Digital DJs" for tips to help you navigate and take advantage of copyright law.

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