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Introducing Face2Face—Because Real House And Techno Ain’t Dead

While most parties and events in LA come and go and often fade away as hazy memories, it is the underground party network that will always stay at the top of true music lovers across the city. Emerging from the sweaty fog and strobe lights, Paradise of A Club Called Rhonda and local synth-heavy duo Delivery have joined forces to bring you Face2Face, because real house and techno ain’t dead, folks. Even though the LA scene is sort of split between club nights and not-so-legal happenings in locations I shouldn’t be talking about, it’s about time that a proper warehouse party returned to the map with an emphasis on losing yourself.

“Growing up, Ryan (Paradise) and I both used to throw parties and raves, and as we were both club kids, we’ve been wanting to get back into it the last few years. We were planning on throwing a warehouse party again in the spring of 2012, so it finally seemed right. The opportunity to host Todd Edwards came up, and then a date and venue opened up and it all came together,” explains Greg Shin of Delivery. Fortunately for them, their chosen venue is a place they can call home for their new monthly party. In addition to the monthly raves, Face2Face is putting on an online radio show, which premiers this Saturday at 9 pm here. But if you miss it, you can stream the recordings afterwards on their Soundcloud.

Face2Face’s no-frills, no separation, consistency is bound to be the start of something special, as well as a breath of fresh air while they embrace a boundary-free vibe with an eclectic future roster of guests. Now that the ball is rolling and the secret is out, we can all look forward to catching the legendary Todd Edwards at the first Face2Face this Saturday. Details can be found on their event page. “We figured it would only be fit to have Todd Edwards for the first once as we all look up to him as a musician and as a great friend. Everything just coincided beautifully and quickly,” Greg adds. If this is them getting back to their roots and doing it right, then I’d say they’re off to a pretty solid start.

If you’re wondering what to do before going out and getting oh so sexual at Face2Face, don’t fear; I got you covered. Check out A Club Called Rhonda’s retrospective art gallery opening, which you can read all about here. Make sure to like Face2Face on Facebook to stay posted with future news and happenings.

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