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Las Vegas’ Clubs Make It Rain



I came across this quick news blurb on Mixmag today written by Sean Griffiths and thought I'd share with you...

Everyone knows the streets of Las Vegas are paved with gold. Well, that and people broken by crippling gambling addictions.

But it looks like opening nightclubs in Sin City is no gamble.

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At Las Vegas' recent Nightclub and Bar Convention it emerged that 15 of North America's most lucrative clubs reside in Las Vegas.

Topping the poll was the Marquee Club with annual revenues between $70 - $80 million followed by XS inside Encore with revenues of $60 million - $70 million.

It's no surprise then, with revenues of that size that the Marquee Club are setting their sights on global domination with plans already in place to open a multi million dollar venture in Sydney.

See below for the top ten biggest earning clubs in North America.

The top ten:
1. Marquee, inside The Cosmopolitan, with revenues of $70 million to $80 million
2. XS, inside Encore, with revenues of $60 million to $70 million
3. TAO, inside the Venetian, $60 million to $70 million
4. Pure, in Caesar’s Palace, $45 million to $60 million
5. LIV in Miami Beach, Fla., $35 million to $45 million
6. LAX, in the Luxor, $60 million to $70 million
7. Haze, in Aria, $35 million to $45 million
8. Surrender, at Encore, $35 million to $45 million
9. The Bank, in the Bellagio, $25 million to $35 million
10. LAVO, in New York City, $25 million to $35 million

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