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Loefah On The Slow And Gradual Disintegration Of Dubstep’s Artistic Integrity


I was browsing Resident Advisor the other day and came across this gem of an interview with Loefah of Digital Mystikz. Peter Livingstone talks about his frustration with the direction dubstep took a couple of years back and how it motivated him to revert back to the DMZ grassroots approach to sourcing and realising cutting edge electronic music with his new imprint, Swamp 81 after years of satisfying the audience as opposed to making music he was truly happy with.

Trying not to give too much away, in this in-depth interview Loefah talks about his discontent with the scene, the slow and gradual disintegration of its artistic integrity as a whole and how a multitude of factors pushed him to create a legitimate platform for publishing upcoming “post-dubstep” artists in London.

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Coming from one third of the creative force that pioneered dubstep, this is a must read for all discontented fans of the genre.

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